Technology and Labour: Steering the Change

Because of the heightened relevance that is emerging around the theme of machine replacement of humans in national and international debate, the Ambrosetti Club thought it worthwhile to be at the center of a more in-depth discussion launching a process
of reflection aimed at providing an independent assessment of the real impact this phenomenon will have for Italy.

Technology and Labour: Steering the Change

The revolutions of the past made possible an increase in wealth, a reduction of poverty  and an improvement in the quality of life

The goal of this study, presented during the 43rd edition of our Forum “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy”, was to analyze the current scenario and future impacts of automation on the Italian job market, as a way to provide support to public and private sector decision-makers with estimates and forecasts that could be a starting point in the decision-making process and planning of initiatives on a technical and political level.

To make Italy able to seize the opportunities offered by automation and innovation and create new jobs with high value added, choices must be made in orther to become capable of managing this change and not falling victim to it.

On the basis of literature, carried out interviews and the contribution of the study’s advisory board, Ambrosetti Club has developed two proposals for Italy that move in this direction. The first consists in incentivizing investments in innovation and Industry 4.0 which are essential for positioning Italy among the early-adopter countries of technological innovations and, therefore, transforming it into a hub capable of attracting businesses and talent.

The second proposal regards the promotion of training and life-long learning in areas connected with new technologies— indispensable tools for guaranteeing that workers can make the best use of new technologies and take advantage of the opportunities they offer.

Technology and Labour: Steering the Change
Ambrosetti Club Study

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