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This report contains the results of the study the Innovation and Technology Community carried out during 2016-2017, and which offers a wealth of statistics, comparisons and points for reflection to aid policymakers and business leaders in accelerating innovation in Italy.

The Innovation Ecosystem: Paths to Growth for Business and the Nation

This report summarizes and provides a systematic discussion of the guidelines, considerations and results of the work of the Ambrosetti Club Innovation and Technology (InnoTech) Community over the year 2016/2017. The InnoTech Community was created in 2011 with the goal of contributing to the creation of an effective and competitive innovation ecosystem in Italy.

Of particular note is the annual update of the Ambrosetti Innosystem Index (AII), a summary index that compares the innovation performance of the world’s major ecosystems with Italy’s, as well as the update of the Ambrosetti Regional Innosystem Index (ARII) that measures innovation results in 89 macro regions in Europe, including in Italy. In addition, the in-depth look at Open Innovation and the opportunities it offers Italy, as well as the examination of the new 4.0 models and corporate methodologies and strategies for managing this radical transformation.

The Technology Forum is the crowning event of Community activity and each year it brings together, at the highest level, the various protagonists in the innovation ecosystem: in research, business, finance and government and institutions.

Final Report
“The Innovation Ecosystem:
Paths to Growth for Business and the Nation” (It.)

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