The Single European Sky for the Safety, Growth and Competitiveness of the EU Aviation Sector

Aviation is a strong driver of economic growth, jobs, trade and mobility for the European Union. It plays a crucial role in the European economy and reinforces its global leadership. For these reasons it is imperative to ensure that the European Aviation sector remains competitive.

The Single European Sky for the Safety, Growth and Competitiveness of the EU Aviation Sector

Aviation plays a crucial role in the European economy

Sustaining air traffic growth in Europe and worldwide, maintaining high standards of aviation safety and security, supporting innovation, reducing aviation’s environmental footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change:  these are the main challenges that European Aviation sector is facing today.

The EU has already assumed the role of “game-changer” with the creation of a single aviation market and the Single European Sky aimed at fostering innovation, maintaining the highest levels of safety and involving all stakeholders in the process.

All major tools are in place together with a robust regulatory framework. Now action at all levels (EU and national) is required to overcome fragmentation and constraints in capacity and efficiency. Institutions, regulators, aviation industry players and air navigation infrastructures have to act jointly to support the efficient use of current resources (airspace, airports), foster cooperation and new business models, improve the regulatory framework, provide intelligent investments in technology and innovation and support coordinated deployment of new technologies.

The present Position Paper has been drafted to contribute to the debate about the actions needed to ensure that the European aviation sector remains competitive and reaps the benefits of a fast-changing and developing global economy.


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Observatory on Europe. 10th edition

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