Italian Pavilion for Expo 2015: Interview with Diana Bracco

Interview by Valerio De Molli with Diana Bracco, President and General Commissioner for the Italian Pavilion for Expo 2015, to become better acquainted with this invaluable country-wide project of tremendous potential.

Italian Pavilion for Expo 2015: Interview with Diana Bracco

Expo 2015: a driver for growth for the nation

In a moment of crisis such as the current one, the grand Expo project takes on an even more strategic importance, an unparalleled one for Lombard and Italian businesses.

Thanks to Expo, Italy can intensify its bilateral, economic, scientific and cultural relations with over 150 countries. It can provide visibility to Made in Italy products in markets throughout the world, starting with the products of SMEs that are the backbone of Italian production. It can relaunch tourism, attract investment, modernize infrastructure and regain competitiveness. Therefore, the exposition can provide a new impulse for the Italian economy.

Italy is facing a unique opportunity. It must not be wasted.

Milan, March 4, 2014.


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