Iran-Italy Summit

EU-Iran business relations in the aftermath of US sanctions’ reinstatement

December 13, 2018
Starting: 3.00 p.m. (registration 2:30 pm) Ending: 6.00 p.m.
Limited seats availability

Iran-Italy Summit

As part of the Iran – Italy Summit Community, The European House – Ambrosetti organizes a high-level Roundtable to discuss the impact of US second wave of sanctions against Iran on Italian business and investors.

Roundtable will host international business leaders and renewed experts, providing unique insights, fresh ideas, and valuable debate. Speakers will include CEOs, legal and geopolitics experts, representatives from EU Institutions and financial institutions.

The event is conceived to maximize interaction, and to provide first-hand knowledge and technical insights. Goal of the meeting is to identify viable and effective solutions to support Italian and EU companies interested in maintaining or establishing economic engagement with Iran.

We will talk about:

  • Impact of US sanctions on Iran – EU business engagement, analyzing implications from a geopolitical, economical and legal perspective
  • Regulatory compliance, financing and the payments node, explaining how U.S. decision affects business rules of engagement with Iran
  • fields and sectors of opportunity, investigating which sectors and areas of Iranian economy are still attractive or become appealing for EU firms
  • EU role and future initiatives, presenting Institutional outlook and next steps, together with possible solutions capable to effectively sustain EU business engagement with Iran

The event is reserved to Iranian and European Chairmen and CEOs of primary enterprises and financial players. Participation is by invitation only. Participation Fee is €850 (€600 for those subscribing by November 30). Limited seats availability.

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For more information, you can contact:
➢ Ms. Eleonora Magnani for European based participants:  eleonora.magnani@ambrosetti.eu –
Tel. +39 02 46753.303
➢ Mr. Luca Miraglia for Iranian based participants: maria.ahari@quarkupgroup.ir – Tel. +98.(0)21.22571258