Artificial Intelligence

Italian Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Corrado Panzeri in the group of 30 Artificial Intelligence experts created by MiSE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) which prepared the proposals for the ‘Italian Artificial Intelligence Strategy’.

cities and territories

The tempo of the geopolitical shift still allows a chance for Europe. Possibly the last

A geopolitical shift is not in the landscape, and will not be for some time yet.

Ambrosetti Club

The role of science and innovation in productivity growth in Europe

Lunch Meeting with Carlos Moedas
(European Commissioner Research, Science and Innovation)
Friday, November 17th 2017, 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Cercle Royale Gaulois (Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Bruxelles).


The Single European Sky for the Safety, Growth and Competitiveness of the EU Aviation Sector

Aviation is a strong driver of economic growth, jobs, trade and mobility for the European Union. It plays a crucial role in the European economy and reinforces its global leadership. For these reasons it is imperative to ensure that the European Aviation sector remains competitive.


Leuven: a jewel of innovation in the heart of Europe

The heart of European innovation is not London, Berlin or Paris. It is a small city in Flanders: Leuven. This is the conclusion reached by the annual ranking prepared by Reuters of the most innovative universities in Europe, a list which identifies and classifies the best institutes—those truly capable of influencing the global economy.


4 reasons why we should expect an Economic Recovery in 2017 ...and how to avoid the five risk factors

According to Michael Heise, Chief Economist of Allianz SE, the after-Brexit era is, despite everything, proving to be less apocalyptic than expected and, estimates for 2017, seem moderately optimistic, if the right strategy will be implemented.


Poland: a sustainable transformation to a leading economy

The Polish case is unique for the ability the country demonstrated in facing an historical shift from a state-owned economy to a market one. The goal of this document is to deepen critical factors of success, defining a brighter picture of Polish economic results.ƒ