The second edition of the MERIDIANO SANITÀ SICILIA Forum will begin on Friday, October 9 at 10 a.m. at the Bellini Theater in Catania, and end on Saturday, October 10 at 1:30 p.m. «Health Care post COVID-19. From the attractiveness of the health care ecosystem to the competitiveness of the economic system»

Life Sciences

Technology Forum Life Sciences 2020

The Technology Forum Life Sciences is the annual event of reference for the Life Sciences ecosystem in Italy, characterized by a high-level discussion involving all the principal stakeholders of the ecosystem, as well as guests and experts from all over the world.

Innovation and Technology


Thanks to the candidacy of The European House – Ambrosetti, Milan will host BioEquity Europe in 2022, in Italy for the first time in the 20 years this event has been held.

Life Sciences

The Role of the Innovation Ecosystem in Life Sciences for Italy’s Growth and Competitiveness

Research, innovation and technology are the main elements on which the ability of the ecosystem of the Life Sciences is played out, making it possible to respond concretely to global emergencies.


The advancement of Ultra Broadband in Italy: perspectives, competitive outlook and national action plan

To meet the challenge posed by digitalization – and reap all the consequent benefits – it is more important than ever to focus on the role of ultra-broadband, increasing subscriptions by exploiting all the available technologies to guarantee uniform coverage throughout the country and, at the same time, develop network infrastructures whose performance is aligned with the needs of the demand. Study carried out on behalf of  TIM.


The key role of multiutilities in favouring the sustainable recovery of Italian regions

The transition towards a more sustainable economic and social model is both inevitable and epoch-making for our society and, from this standpoint, the new European framework—from the Green Deal to the Next Generation EU mechanism introduced to take on the COVID-19 crisis—will contribute to a further acceleration. However, for the sustainable transition to be a widespread reality in Italy, all local economies must make a positive contribution and be actively involved in the process. Study prepared in collaboration with A2A.

Value of Water

Libro Bianco Valore Acqua per l'Italia - 2020 Report

The European House – Ambrosetti established a high level multi-stakeholder community in 2019 to deal with the management of the world’s water resources as a driver of competitiveness and industrial development, with the goal of elaborating proposals for the government and national economy.



The impacts of the COVID-19 emergency on the distribution sector in Italy

Strategic scenario study prepared by The European House – Ambrosetti for Federdistribuzione to measure the current and prospective implications of the COVID-19 crisis on the (food and non-food) distribution sector.



France and Italy, natural partners

During the second Italian-French Dialogue for Europe a paper entitled “France and Italy, natural partners” was presented.



The contribution of e-Mobility to the circular economy: how Italy and France can grow together for sustainable mobility

During the second Italian-French Dialogue for Europe a paper was presented entitled “The contribution of e-Mobility to the circular economy: how Italy and France can grow together for sustainable mobility“.