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The five proposals to promote growth in Italy through the Metropolitan Cities

The Start City project has been designed to offer a positive and proactive contribution to the debate currently underway in the country in recognizing the benefits the success of Metropolitan Cities could bring to Italy as a whole.

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How stakeholders imagine the future of their Metropolitan Cities

The creation of the Metropolitan Cities could allow to emerge in the country poles of “critical mass” capable of being recognized on an international level (an essential aspect for attractiveness) and to compete, in terms of size and resources, with their international counterparts.

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The model for developing Metropolitan Cities

Every local system is called upon to be “smart”, flexible and fast, both in its strategic choices and its operational “infrastructure”. Therefore, what are needed are competitive strategies and solutions that guarantee continuity of action above and beyond the political-institutional mandates for governing the area.

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The future of Italy will depend on collaboration between Metropolitan Cities and non-metropolitan areas

Metropolitan Cities constitute the “backbone” of Italy and—through the functional and economic interrelationships with other non-metropolitan areas—contribute to the competitiveness of the nation and its local areas from a number of aspects.

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Metropolitan Cities are the catalysts for development of countries around the world

Today, the majority of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The urban population surpassed the rural population in 2007 and urbanization processes continue to grow.

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Metropolitan Cities,
the Recovery Starts Here

The Metropolitan Cities will contribute to institutional innovation and the social-economic improvement of the country. For this reason,  ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti, has promoted the “Start City” to contribute to defining the general methodological and strategic guidelines for economic and social development.

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Attractiveness of a Metropolitan City

Interview with Valerio De Molli, Dario Nardella and Piero Fassino for RAI 3 Toscana on the occasion of the Start City Forum held January 28-29 at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

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The future of Metropolitan Cities

RAI News 24: Valerio De Molli on the future of metropolitan cities, among which are Milan and Rome, that will become the cities of the future, including with problems related to public transport.

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Forum Start City - Metropolitan Cities, the Recovery Starts Here

Event promoted by ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo
and in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti.
Palazzo Vecchio – Florence, Thursday, January 28, and Friday, January 29, 2016.


Metropolitan Cities and Enterprises:
a natural conversation

Over 60% of GDP is produced in urban agglomerations, with almost 90% of resources being consumed there. What will the space of Italian Metropolitan Cities be within this context?

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