Event: New Digital Learning and Gamification

How to use digital technology and gamification to boost learning and performance

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (registration 4:45 pm)
Hotel Melià Milano – Via Masaccio 19 – MILAN
Attendance is free, by invitation only.

human resources

The reason why it is essential to plan campaigns on business acceleration

More the companies are structured and large, the more they find it hard to speed up, as opposed to those with less linear features. We must therefore resort to “tricks”. We will review the major ones, among those suggested by Marco Grazioli, President of The European House – Ambrosetti and expert on business dynamics.

human resources

Myths and best practices about speeding up business performance

The acceleration of business performance (in the short term in particular) is one of those goals affected by several misunderstandings. With Marco Grazioli, President of The European House – Ambrosetti, let’s try to browse the main ones and the ways to avoid them.


Regional Healthcare Systems:
equal care and accessibility for all?

In pursuing its efforts to make the healthcare system more sustainable, the government must reinforce its role in setting guidelines and monitoring regional healthcare systems in order to guarantee equal services at least in terms of basic care levels throughout the country and with them greater equality of care for all citizens.


More profit, less debt: learning from “light” manufacturing companies

Presentation by Filippo Peschiera on the impact of investment policies.