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The future of Italian oil: modern and sustainable

The first transversal study of the Italian olive-oil supply chain and produced by the Sustainability team of The European House – Ambrosetti in partnership with Monini S.p.A.

Fashion & Luxury Industry Outlook

The strategic challenges of the supply chains and the ‘Made in Italy’ supply chains

The issue of the Supply Chain in the Luxury & Fashion sector has a particularly strategic importance in the Italian fashion system.


Agile + Responsive Supply Chain: the reactiveness challenge

Markets go global but differentiation grows; demand patterns evolve more and more rapidly. Fashion & Luxury Supply Chains are called for a leap in quality and the keywords are responsiveness and flexibility.


For Supply Chain Managers, Success Means Becoming Storytellers

Storytelling the brand is crucial; but also storytelling the Supply Chain is fundamental so that customers and potential investors fully appreciate the value inside fashion products.


Fashion put to the test: what challenges lie ahead for the Supply Chain?

The future of fashion depends on the ability to address and tackle the challenges on the industrial front. The European House – Ambrosetti and the managers of leading fashion companies working together to map out the path to evolution.


The leather tanning industry and options for answering the pressure from fashion brands

Are we selling the “skin off our back”?
Thursday, April 12, 2016
The European House – Ambrosetti
Via Durini n. 27 – Milan.