innovation and technology

The Role of Research in Promoting Future Technologies and Innovations, and its Funding Mechanisms

Scientific research is our most valuable tool to produce new knowledge and thus, we must ensure that it is given the right amount of funding to protect and enhance the development and well-being of our societies.

digital technologies

Are we ready to play the Industry 4.0 game?

What are the challenges and opportunities offered by Industry 4.0? Are our companies, especially SMEs, ready to ride the wave? The Ambrosetti Club Innotech Community, in conjunction with Assolombarda, sat down together to try to answer this question.


Why Europe needs a common market and integrated policy for Energy

Cooperation around energy has been one of the driving forces behind European integration. Nonetheless, the road is still a long one. During the 41st Villa d’Este Forum a study prepared by The European House – Ambrosetti in conjunction with Enel on this theme was presented.