Circular Europe

Circular Europe. How to successfully manage the transition from a linear to a circular world

Many European countries still lack a national strategic roadmap for transposing the European directives at national level and there are still some outstanding issues, starting from the need to have clearer operational guidelines for the adoption of circular models and metrics for monitoring the transition towards circular models. Study prepared in collaboration with Enel and with the scientific contribution of Enel Foundation.

territorial development

Development and employment to preserve and promote local areas: a proposed vision for Liguria and Italy

In some areas, such as Italy, the promotion of a culture aimed at sustainability and prevention of natural and climatic risk finds the perfect terrain. In fact, on a global level, Italy is only behind China, Japan and the countries of Central and South America in terms of environmental risk.


Liguria 2022 - The Final Report

The “Liguria 2022” project of The European House–Ambrosetti was developed with the goal of providing a pro-active contribution in defining a new vision of regional development, representing what a territory intends becoming in the medium- to long-term.