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In 2016, The European House - Ambrosetti launched the “Liguria 2022” initiative, a platform for discussion and dialogue among public and private players to relaunch the development model for the Liguria region through concrete projects and a shared medium/long-term strategy. The COVID-19 emergency will leave a profound mark on the economy and society and represents a historic moment of discontinuity. A new scenario is opening for Liguria which looks towards relaunching, development and the future in the transition from “Liguria 2022” to “Liguria 2030”.

The initiative has been created in collaboration with the Liguria region and with the support of: Leonardo, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale, Esso Italiana, Banca Carige, Costa Crociere, Gruppo Duferco, RINA, CISCO Italia, Unione degli Industriali di Savona, Gruppo ERG, Europam, PSA Genova Pra’ – VTE, the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the Ligurian Riviera Chamber of Commerce, Gruppo Messina, Ansaldo Energia, Villa Montallegro.

The fifth Forum concludes this year’s work which analyzed and examined the guideline and investment priorities in support of the strategic planning process in line with the indications from national and European planning and, specifically, the NRRP.

The Forum will offer the opportunity to share and discuss with national and international speakers the initiatives implemented to-date by companies and government and institutions in the region (including those involving management of the COVID-19 crisis), as well as new proposals for relaunching Liguria with focus on the decisive contribution of the maritime economy, tourism and high-tech.

Tuesday, July 6

9:30 am – 2:00 pm

La Cervara – Santa Margherita Ligure (with live streaming)

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Paola Gandolfo, e-mail, tel. 0246753.261

Loredana Zaccuri, e-mail, tel. 0246753.263.