Liguria 2022 Forum | The European House - Ambrosetti

In 2016, The European House - Ambrosetti launched the “Liguria 2022” initiative, a platform for discussion and dialogue among public and private players to relaunch the development model for the Liguria region through concrete projects and a shared medium/long-term strategy. The COVID-19 emergency will leave a profound mark on the economy and society and represents a historic moment of discontinuity. A new scenario is opening for Liguria which looks towards relaunching, development and the future in the transition from “Liguria 2022” to “Liguria 2030”.

The initiative has been created in collaboration with the Liguria Region and with the support of: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale, Esso Italiana, Unione degli Industriali di Savona, Gruppo Duferco, CISCO Italia, Gruppo ERG, Europam, PSA Genova Pra’ – VTE, the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the Ligurian Riviera Chamber of Commerce, and Gruppo Messina.

The fourth Forum shared with business and government leaders from the region and throughout Italy the initiatives provided for in the region’s most recent planning, the results attained as well as the future challenges for Liguria, especially in light of the current social-economic emergency.

Among the themes discussed:

  • the Genoa model for relaunching the national economy
  • the impacts of COVID-19 on Liguria’s strategic supply chains
  • the contribution of businesses, R&D and technology to the resilience of the social-economic and healthcare system and regional and local cohesion
  • the results of the investment impact analysis in capitalizing on Liguria’s resources

In addition, the results of the application of The European House – Ambrosetti’s model to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the Ligurian economic and social context have been presented in order to glean and outline policy suggestions for government and the business community.

Liguria region president Giovanni Toti attended the Forum.
Other speakers: Matteo Bassetti (Director of the Infectious Diseases Department, IRCCS San Martino Hospital of Genoa); Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner & CEO, The European House – Ambrosetti); Erik Jakobsen (Managing Director, Menon Economics); Giuseppe Marino (CEO, Ansaldo Energia); Giorgio Metta (Scientific Director, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia); Alessandro Profumo (CEO, Leonardo Company); Agostino Santoni (CEO, Cisco Italia).

The Forum will be moderated by Luca Ubaldeschi (Director, Il Secolo XIX).

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