Top Management

Theodoro Briscommatis

Partner, The European House - Ambrosetti
Tel.  +39 02 46753 224
Theodoro Briscommatis

Theodoro Briscommatis_250x329A part of The European House – Ambrosetti since 1999 and Partner since 2016, is currently the head of the “Business Acceleration” practice whose goal is to monitor the operational implementation of processes most inherent to the business results of its client firms.

Trained as an economist, he strives to combine as closely as possible the personal traits of an individual (technical and interpersonal expertise) with organizational needs (structure, processes and operational aspects).

He is an expert in the development of project management systems, service models and innovation management.

He began his career working on retail banking special projects, first for companies and then as a consultant, and in this area he managed projects, including complex ones, in banking, mass consumption–large-scale distribution, and a range of high-tech sectors.