Lettera Club 80 – Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Health Care

This year Meridiano Sanità focused on the primary challenges Italy’s healthcare system must face to be able to guarantee its citizens maximum health, and how these challenges can be taken on.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 79 – Entering Africa’s growth markets: the platform of South Africa and the opportunities for Italian companies

To explore the potential offered by Africa, in 2013 The European House - Ambrosetti activated a platform for analysis and dialog between South Africa and Italy, a platform designed to create an influential community of leaders from Africa and Europe that is able to foster the growth of their respective companies and economies.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 78 – The impacts of reforms in the PA, jobs act, banking and credit sector and constitutional reform on businesses and the public

For some time now our country has needed to make its social-economic system more competitive and attractive to businesses and citizens. We have focused on those reforms that are considered priorities both by the Ambrosetti business community and by the Government, in terms of the scale of the changes and the predicted impacts on the system.  PDF Download
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The Observatory on Europe dedicated to the chal-lenges and opportunities connected with Industry 4.0 detailed study, analysis and discussion at its ninth forum held on June 30, 2016. This Lettera offers a summary of the analysis and proposals that emerged within this context, and also presents the challenges and opportunities con-nected with the Industry 4.0 approach, particularly given the current state of European manufacturing.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 76 – Innovation as a strategic driver for the growth of Italy and its businesses

Innovation is an essential condition for economic and social progress and it is a strategic theme for every nation, above all for Italy which, with slower growth trends and competitiveness than in other countries, needs to accelerate its development.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 75 – Finance for Growth: new proposals to channel funds to companies

In 2014 the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE), in collaboration with the Bank of Italy, launched the “Finance for Growth” mission to increase the tools that help enterprises, SMEs in particular, obtain access to finance, thus helping overcome the difficulties currently preventing the growth of investments.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 74 – The growth in e-payments: a priority for Italy’s growth and competitiveness. What should be done

This Lettera presents the areas in which action should be taken and the proposed initiatives developed by the Cashless Society community of The European House – Ambrosetti to accelerate development and modernization of cashless payment systems in Italy.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 73 – The growth in e-payments: a priority for Italy’s growth and competitiveness. The country’s shortfall and opportunities

Starting in 2015 The European House - Ambrosetti activated the Cashless Society community, a platform to generate ideas and content regarding cashless payments and promote constructive discussion between the business community and institutions in the spirit of developing concrete actions to benefit the nation. This Lettera offers the main evidence regarding Italy’s shortfall and the opportunities associated with more widespread use of cashless payments.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 72 – How to change the judicial system and fight corruption to improve Italian competitiveness

An efficient judicial system and effective action to fight corruption are essential aspects to improve Italy’s competitiveness and attractiveness. Mario Draghi stated that the costs associated with the slowness in the Italian judicial system represent more than 1% of GDP, and he included reform of the judicial system among the country’s most urgent reform priorities.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 71 – If the South fails, Italy fails. Conditions and proposals for relaunching the South

In recent months a number of studies and debates have placed the South of Italy once again at the center of political attention and the Italian economy, reminding us that the “southern question” must be rethought in order to place it actively at the center of the political agenda as part of an organic and systematic project that is indispensable for the development and growth of the entire country.  PDF Download
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