The 12th Meridiano Sanità Report offers a current picture of Italian healthcare, starting from a profile of the health of the population and the main drivers for change that impact on the healthcare system, including from the perspective of international comparison.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 87 – Global Attractiveness Index: the true barometer of country’s attractiveness

Today there is an abundance of ranking lists and classifications - the European House - Ambrosetti working group has made out a map of at least 100 - but they are often of dubious reliability, and the picture they paint of the country is often far removed from reality.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 86 – Strengthening the relations between Italy and ASEAN countries: a pivotal opportunity to grow together

The area that includes the ASEAN member countries has established itself as a primary manufacturing hub and a major attractor of international investments. To explore the potential offered by the region, The European House - Ambrosetti, in collaboration with the Italy-ASEAN Association, in 2016 Iaunched the summit entitled “High Level Dialogue on ASEAN – Italy Economic Relations” aimed at creating the best conditions for strengthening strategic and economic relations between the ASEAN countries and Italy.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 85 – Open Innovation and Digitization: for the growth of the country and its businesses

The strategic challenges linked to upgrading the innovation ecosystem form the core of the activity of The European House - Ambrosetti Innovation and Technology Community. This Lettera summarizes the findings of the work carried out by the Community over the course of 2017 and focuses on two issues of special importance and relevance: the mechanisms of Open Innovation and the concepts behind digitization “4.0”.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 84 – The evolution of banking system regulations as a lever for competitive performance and growth

In the conviction that the banking sector has a crucial role in economic growth, job creation, innovation support and relaunching of investment, The European House - Ambrosetti has launched a process of analysis and study of the regulation of this sector and its impact on meeting goals for growth and competitiveness in the European economic system as a whole.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 83 – The cashless revolution: the positioning of the country and the Agenda for Italy

In 2015, The European House - Ambrosetti created the “Cashless Society Community”, a high-level platform for discussion and proposals between public and private stakeholders to promote the spread of e-payments in Italy. This Lettera summarizes the findings that emerged during the second year of the Community’s activities, with special focus on the reference scenario for Italy as seen from the data produced by the Cashless Society Observatory and the initiatives and proposals for Italy formulated by the Community.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 82 – Reinforce Europe’s investability: the priorities for action

Creating a European Union that is more competitive, sustainable, inclusive and cohesive has never been as crucial as it is today. This Letter focuses on Europe’s ability to attract and activate investment, and indicates what levers can be used to relaunch its “investability”.  PDF Download
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Lettera Club 81 – Iran between lights and shades one year after Implementation Day

One year later, it is time to make an initial assessment of the economic and political consequences of the agreement. Despite the uncertainty caused by the new normal of Chinese growth and the controversial national elections in the United States, Iran’s macroeconomic performance in 2016 was solid, yet with room for improvement.  PDF Download
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