A map to understand and develop the innovation ecosystem

Organization and education for entrepreneurship, with special focus on the challenges and opportunities offered by the application of technology in the food sector were the main themes of the fourth edition of the Technology Forum.

A map to understand and develop the innovation ecosystem

Presentation of the Technology Forum 2015 Report

Competing globally through technology: the fourth edition of the Technology Forum, the international event of the European House – Ambrosetti with the leaders of innovation and technology concluded in Milan, on the 31st floor of the Pirelli Building.

The Forum marks the culmination of a year’s work by the Innovation and Technology Community of Ambrosetti Club, and is distinctive for the fact that its audience is made up exclusively of top managers: it is a meeting of peers, with the goal of providing stimuli for relaunching economic growth and contributing to create an innovation ecosystem in Italy.

The spotlight this year was on the issues of organization and education for entrepreneurship, with special focus on the challenges and opportunities offered by the application of technology in the food sector.

During this session, the Managing partner of The European House – Ambrosetti, Valerio De Molli, presented the 2015 Report: a reference map for the orientation of strategic choices to be made by the country in developing an ecosystem for innovation, updated annually since 2012 by the Innovation and Technology Community.

The Report – which is available on the website www.technologyforum.eu in both the unabridged version (in Italian) and the Executive Summary (in English) – contains strategic recommendations and detailed proposals, many of which have been accepted and implemented by the Italian government over the years: the 2015 Report starts from this, the state of the art of government action in the last twelve months, and then extends its analysis to the trends of innovation in the most important Italian companies. This year, the Ambrosetti Club observatory on the sentiment of top management is definitely seeing greater interest in investing in innovation and employing qualified R&D personnel in the next three years.

Positive data are also coming from the Ambrosetti Innosystem Index, the indicator that draws up the ranking of ecosystems for innovation at the Technology Forum, comparing the highest performing countries and, starting this year, extending its analysis to the Italian regions. Although it remained in the next-to-last position in the sample of international reference country-ecosystems, Italy improved its AII score compared with 2014, with the Lombardy Region, in particular, showing outstanding results: it was the only region classified among the top 20 in Europe, with the highest R&D expenditure (more than 4.5 billion euro), the most patents, the largest number of people employed by medium- and high-tech manufacturing companies and in R&D activities, as well as the largest number of university graduates.

To feed the virtuous cycle of innovation-productivity-growth, the Report identifies in the educational system – particularly the university – one of the drivers that should be stimulated with greater energy, and indicates the tools necessary to raise it to the level of the fourth industrial revolution, where physical processes integrate structurally with digital. Two guiding actions were proposed at the Technology Forum: a strategy aimed at managing the key parameters for positioning in the international rankings, to attract talent and resources; and the strategic positioning of the offer, in line with the mission the University wants to give itself, according to two reference models: the research university and thematic/local-based university.

The Technology Forum 2015 is organized with the cooperation of Whirlpool, the Main Partner, and with other partners: ABB, Oerlikon Graziano and Pirelli. In collaboration with: The Lombardy Region, Assobiotec, BancaIFIS, Cisco, Electrolux and Banca FinInt.

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