Agile + Responsive Supply Chain: the reactiveness challenge

Markets go global but differentiation grows; demand patterns evolve more and more rapidly. Fashion & Luxury Supply Chains are called for a leap in quality and the keywords are responsiveness and flexibility.

Agile + Responsive Supply Chain: the reactiveness challenge
The success of Fast Fashion retailers has changed the rules of the game across the whole Fashion industry, by constantly nurturing consumer expectations about product timing and new collections. Even in the Luxury sector, the winner is who has already adapted its Supply Chain to the syncope of the market through extremely high responsiveness.

Neither a little “make up” nor a sporadic introduction of innovative tools/approaches (e.g. “See Now Buy Now”) are enough, especially because they are difficult to replicate on the whole business.

Which are the key elements to realize a reactive business model, ensuring constinuous and differentiated deliveries, frequent capsule launches, or retail animation events?
  • Full commitment of Top Management;
  • Ability to transfer this commitment attitude to the whole organization, through a process architecture/flows that is increasingly transversal, integrated and oriented towards a common goal;
  • Full legitimization of Supply Chain as orchestrator.

Rocket science? Not really, but it is necessary a complex alchemy made of leadership, integrated and cross-functional teams made by complementary skills, alignment of functions, calendars and shared tools.

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