Big companies help start-ups grow: "Golden Gate" adoption program

As part of its 50th anniversary, The European House – Ambrosetti has launched this new project as part of its Ambrosetti Club activities.

Big companies help start-ups grow: “Golden Gate” adoption program

Golden Gate: an adoption program to help start-ups grow

This initiative was created as part of the activities of The European House – Ambrosetti for Ambrosetti Club members with the goal of offering them the possibility to enter into direct contact with the best Italian and international start-ups to:

  • generate value for their companies
  • promote innovation
  • contribute to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy
  • bring together fledgling and experienced entrepreneurs to create novel relationships
  • create a “mentor network”
  • draw-up supply contracts with start-ups
  • finance especially promising entrepreneurial ideas with new capital.

The idea is to propose to Club members a simple, pragmatic adoption programon a supernational scale in which established companies provide support to “great secret ideas”.

It is in perfect syntony with the Club mission: provide a tangible contribution to the progress of the Italian economy and society, contribute to the excellence and optimization of institutions and companies and promote a system of special relationships between members (and not to the exclusion of participation of non-Italian European start-ups).

The phases of the process include:

  • The Club member company that decides to subscribe to the program shares its areas of interest, needs and priorities for the “cross-fertilization” in order to focalize  subsequent scouting.
  • Once the most-interesting start-ups have been identified (thanks to the scouting process carried out by Geyser), the Club member company makes available a mentor the start-up can communicate with to receive advice and, if possible, access to tools and equipment.
  • The start-ups subscribing to the program will have available the assistance of mentors with experience in major corporations in their sector, with positive spill-over in terms of know-how and business (e.g., supplier relations).

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