ASEAN Markets: a long-term approach

The involvement of new emerging economies within global production chains has made it necessary to identify alternative markets on which to concentrate the creation of new promotional tools and strategies for Italy’s internationalization.

ASEAN Markets: a long-term approach

by Licia Mattioli, Vice President for the Internationalization – Confindustria

With an average annual growth rate of over 7%, the ASEAN area becomes a strategic pole and privileged nexus for international exchanges, increasingly destined to become the setting for challenges and global competition for the coming years.

It is for this reason that Confindustria considers the drawing up of a strategy for the structured internationalization in South East Asia a priority. Such strategy will make it possible to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by these markets to the Italian manufacturing sector.

Activities in support of exports remain necessary in order to respond to the increase of the middle class in these countries, more and more oriented towards the Made in Italy's specialized productions.
At the same time, however, we need to focus and raise the thresholds of our partnerships to a more advanced level, stimulating collaborative projects on those sectors that are high knowledge, research and development intensive, and taking steps for long-term promotion and monitoring.

Confindustria’s international action in the ASEAN area is moving in this direction, driven by the goal of supporting our businesses, above all SMEs, helping them to take on the fierce international competition and equipping them with the appropriate tools for building more stable and long-lasting commercial and investment relationships.

The example of the Technological Centers for training, created in collaboration with universities and local research centers, represents a winning case of long-term cooperation that many of Italy’s associations have followed with success. It is, in fact, a partnership model that enables a partner country to develop technical skills, whereas for Italy it is an opportunity to launch training partnerships that will accompany the growth process of local industry in a specific sector.

With the “High Level Dialogue on ASEAN Italy Economic Relations” event and the forthcoming initiatives that we will be holding in the Region, Confindustria intends to contribute to the creation of favorable economic and investment conditions for all those Italian businesses that are looking to seize the opportunities for collaboration in this part of Asia.

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