family business

How can cross-generational relations work effectively?

Challenges, errors to avoid and rules to adopt
for continuity of the company and cross-generational harmony
Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – from 5pm to 7.30pm
Fontanafredda c/o Fondazione E. di Mirafiore, Via Alba, 15 –
Serralunga d’Alba (CN).

How can cross-generational relations work effectively?

The tremendous value of family-run businesses

The current Italian economic situation reveals the tremendous value and myriad positive characteristics of family-run businesses, as well as the numerous difficulties they face over time.

If the specific difficulties family-run businesses have to face are managed effectively, this model is able to provide superior results compared with non-family businesses, thanks to the role of the owner family in guaranteeing continuity, attention over the long-term, as well as maximum quality. In particular, the “generational succession” must be well-prepared and managed using suitable methods and timeframes.

This meeting will examine these themes in depth and, thanks to the concrete experience of the speakers, will focus on the practical ways of assuring over time and from generation-to-generation, the safeguarding, growth and governance of the company itself.

Specifically, the meeting has been designed to provide concrete answers to the following questions:

  • How can cross-generational relations work effectively?
  • Specifically, how can the problems family-run businesses face over time be solved concretely? And through what means?


4.45 – 5pm

Registration and seating

5 – 7.30pm

  • Welcome and presentation by Oscar Farinetti
  • The success of family businesses: thoughts on effective governance of change in family businesses
    Luca Petoletti, Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti, Head of  “Family-Business” practice
  • Case study: the Lunelli family (Cantine Ferrari)
    Alessandro Lunelli, Board Member of Ferrari F.lli Lunelli (Cantine Ferrari)
  • Discussion and Summing up

At the conclusion, an aperitif will be served at the Osteria Disguido.

For information contact Emanuela Colombo - Tel. 02 46753.238 - emanuela.colombo@ambrosetti.eu

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