Italian President Mattarella's visit to China: Paolo Borzatta interview with Radio Radicale

“An important visit because it is taking place at a historic moment in which all geopolitical scenarios are in a process of change.” Listen to the Radio Radicale interview with Paolo Borzatta, Senior Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti, on the visit of Italian President Sergio Mattarella to China.

Italian President Mattarella’s visit to China: Paolo Borzatta interview with Radio Radicale

Relations between Italy and China have not reached their full potential

Italy has done a lot, but more can still be done, especially in this historic moment in which China is transitioning from being a global manufacturing platform to a center of tremendous technological innovation.

The project of the two Silk Roads—that will radically change both the logistics scene as well that of geo-political, economic and trade relations—represents a unique opportunity for Europe and Italy. Either we will get on board this train or, if we miss it, we risk being marginalized, not just on an Italian, but also a European scale.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Paolo Borzatta
on the Radio Radicale website

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