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If they can be reconciled, it could trigger a positive process for the entire country. But how can it be accomplished? Fathers and mothers at the helm of major companies talk about their experience. And the result is a project of The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with Corriere della Sera.

Family and work: they can be reconciled

Figures we hear on a daily basis: low rates of employment for women of all ages and the gap with male employment that widens as the number of children increase.

Among the many reasons is certainly the lack of services for families that cannot afford a full-time babysitter.

Some companies in Italy have already taken positive action in this area, offering employees useful means to best reconcile the demands of family and work.

The European House – Ambrosetti, in collaboration with Corriere della Sera, asked a number of top managers how they are tackling this issue in their own companies.

Video interviews:
Fathers and mothers at the helm of major companies talk about their experience

Il tempo delle donne-Corriere TV

In our view, all companies should promote in-house initiatives to allow employees to better balance their private and professional lives.

Reconciling these two aspects results in serene and happy employees and happy employees are more productive and guarantee better performance.
If family and work can be reconciled, it could trigger a positive process for the entire country.

In fact, the more women who work, the greater the request for services that provide support to families. This enhanced demand represents a driver for growth in some sectors of the economy, resulting in positive spin-offs for GDP and employment.

On Thursday, October 1st, Daniela Bianco, Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti, presented the complete project at the Triennale (Teatro dell’Arte) that is part of the 2015 Il Tempo delle Donne events.

Family and work: they can be reconciled
Presentation by Daniela Bianco (It.)

March 2016: The second edition of Il Tempo delle Donne was followed by the publication of the Corriere della Sera’s book, Maternità. Il tempo delle nuove mamme (Motherhood. The Time of the New Mums), which includes a contribution from The European House – Ambrosetti.

Family-Work: they can be reconciled

by Daniela Bianco, Rossana Bubbico, Silvia Lovati
(Heads of Research for The European House – Ambrosetti)

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