A tribute to Gianfranco Piantoni,
our colleague, but above all our “teacher”.

Farewell Professor, We Will Miss You
You were always a perfectionist and an extraordinary guardian of every detail. A gentle, courteous individual, loved by all, and most certainly someone that every one of the 200 colleagues at The European House – Ambrosetti, some for only a short time, many forever, have known how to value.
Your thoughts, you advice will remain forever etched in our memories. They will never fade.
Finally, we'd like to quote from something of yours, entitled “Do maestros still exist?

You wrote: communities do not exist without teachers and pupils. It is a relationship that endures over time, beyond the separation, when the faces of people who have been our teachers resurface. Our memory recalls so many things that we believed buried and forgotten, but their values, instead, continue to feed us, often subconsciously.
You really did give us so much, Gianfranco. We will remember you, always.

Farewell “teacher”.

Esistono ancora i maestri?
by Gianfranco Piantoni

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