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Stefan Crets, Executive Director of CSR Europe, joined us in a live webinar on 23 January to discuss how CSR can have a positive impact not only on political and social issues and agenda, but also boost business growth.

A strong CSR can Boost Business Growth

A strong CSR has a positive impact not only on political and social issues and agenda, but also boost business growth

This ambitious goal will be achieved setting a common language and directions and this first step includes 3 priorities (already set in Milan during EXPO):

  • Employee’s Inclusion
  • Sustainable Production and Consumption
  • Transparency and respect for human rights.

CSR Europe counts on a network of more than 10.000 companies already: Mr. Crets emphasized collaboration as the only possible way of nailing the leveraging impact on these three crucial aspects.

We need 2 requirements to make the difference in the change and innovation process:

  • Internal transformation of companies (implementing new business models)
  • Collaboration (at all stages: public/private; private/private; within value chain etc.).

As we have seen in the last months, challenges are still there and they’re getting even harder:

  • Trust and confidence decline (western middle class didn’t see a noticeable growth over the past decade, while lower class took great advantage – especially true in some countries as India or China)
  • Rise of populism (both in USA and Europe)
  • Environmental & social challenges (this should lead to rethinking of growth models, making sustainability a key driver of growth)

A common effort on this path should bring some remarkable benefits, both in terms of social impact and business leading role.

A common language and a common purpose includes government alignment on climate, tax, mobility, resource use, circularity: this enables companies to be the best catalyst as possible for innovation and new market opportunities.

Every piece of this puzzle plays a fundamental role: policy makers, government agencies, civil society itself, companies must work together, we can’t change alone.

Find out more about our webinars: www.ambrosettilive.com

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