The recovery that (also) starts from manufacturing

New supply chain models to maintain excellence: only greater customer/supplier integration will allow companies upstream to win the market challenge.

The recovery that (also) starts from manufacturing

The Fashion and Luxury sector is going through major change and acceleration. Direct interaction with the consumer through social networks and omnichannels is becoming the new sector standard.

To compete credibly in these areas, companies in the sector are reviewing their models from the perspective of increasing responsiveness and upping the frequency of the addition of new products and innovations. At the same time, completely new players—primarily from abroad—are entering the market whose primary channel is online.

What are the strategies of the major players and what are the implications for upstream supply chains? Flavio Sciuccati talked about this to an audience of more than 60 businessmen representing the best in Made in Italy on November 7th at the headquarters of Confindustria Toscana Nord in Prato.

Presentation by Flavio Sciuccati

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