If the South of Italy fails,
the Country fails

Ambrosetti Club Round Table
Monday, November 9, 2015 – from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Grand Hotel de la Minerve – Rome.

If the South of Italy fails, the Country fails

Growth has restarted in Italy but not in the South

The end of summer has once again found Southern Italy at the center of attention. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who is convinced that true growth will come when “it is not the South that needs Italy but Italy that needs the South”, has announced a Masterplan for Southern Italy.

How can we rethink the “Southern Question” in order for it to truly become a project at the center of our political agenda? In which areas/sectors should we concentrate our action? How can we strengthen businesses? How can we define a general policy regarding sources for capital? What interventions are needed to support social capital?

The round table – which has been part of a series of events on competitiveness in Italy within the Ambrosetti Club for many years – was an opportunity to present the results of an important study carried out with the Banca del Mezzogiorno, which analyzed and reflected on the health of Southern Italy and the challenges it faces to restart growth. The study’s objective is to bring a concrete proposal to the debate, knowing that if Southern Italy fails, the nation will fail.

On September 11, 2015, Valerio De Molli presented a preview of the report, entitled “For a Southern Italy leadership between Europe and Mediterranean. The Proposal of European Innovators” at the Conference of European Innovators. His presentation was an excerpt of the report that will be presented on November 9 during the round table.

The round table aims to support institutional projects and encourage the sharing of opinions leading to a debate among the government bodies responsible for developing Southern Italy. Guest speakers were company executives, economists, regional governors and representatives from government institutions.

Among the participants: Massimiliano Cesare (President, Banca del Mezzogiorno), Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner, The European House – Ambrosetti) and Luigi Calabria (CEO, Banca del Mezzogiorno).

Presentation by Valerio De Molli at Ambrosetti Club’s round table (It.)
Final Report “If the South of Italy fails, the Country fails.
Conditions and proposals for relaunching the South” (It.)

cartolina Tavola Rotonda Mezzogiorno

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