SERVICE INDEX 2018: The Service gauge for Italian Manufacturing

This initiative, promoted by The European House – Ambrosetti, is designed to create a predictive index that can provide the maturity level of the Service in an organization and identify guidelines for improvement.

SERVICE INDEX 2018: The Service gauge for Italian Manufacturing
An index developed by The European House – Ambrosetti as part of Quota 8000-Service Innovation HUB whose goal is to map the impact of the Service strategy on the corporate ecosystem. An active tool for service governance and development.


Quota 8000-Service Innovation Hub is a discussion and networking platform dedicated to the development of the Service for the manufacturing sector. Created in 2014 to develop innovative content and reflect on new models of Service Science. From its inception, the working group has believed it important to gather data relating to the Service for Italian manufacturing companies. The result was the launching of the first Italian Service Outlook which was offered for three consecutive years.

Now the goal is to go beyond simply gathering data and create a predictive index to identify guidelines for improving the Service and contribute to the future development of companies.

The Service Index is a function indicator of quantitative (corporate data and Service-related data) and qualitative (management practices related to governance of the Service organizations) variables.

The initiative involves manufacturing companies which hold the Service to be a fundamental asset in continuing to be competitive within increasingly-complex markets.

Service Index 2018 provides the opportunity to:

  • Have a tool to gather and organize Service data in the company in a structured way
  • Reflect on management practices that support the Service and understand the extent to which they are acted upon in the company
  • Define the extent to which the Service could be considered a competitive and distinctive asset for the company involved
  • Create awareness of what stimuli to activate to develop the Service
  • Take part in comparisons with best-in-class and peer-group experiences

For additional information: eventi.ambrosetti.eu/service-innovation-hub/

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