National and International Press Review - Forum The European House - Ambrosetti 2019

From international and national media, all the articles and interviews dedicated to the 45th edition of the Forum “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy”.

National and International Press Review – Forum The European House – Ambrosetti 2019

International Press Review

CNBC Europe – Interviews

Jorg Kukies – ‘Not now’ ⁠— Germany will hold back on spending to preserve firepower, minister says

Mario Centeno – It’s ‘more than about time’ for Brexit clarity, Eurogroup chief says

David Petraeus – Putin is the greatest gift to NATO since the end of the Cold War, ex-CIA chief says

Niall Ferguson – US-China trade dispute is ‘already in the early stages’ of a second Cold War, Niall Ferguson says

Mohamed El-Erian – Mohamed El-Erian on the bond markets: ‘If you stick with the old rules, you will lose’

Christopher Pissarides – Britain’s deepening Brexit crisis is an economic ‘disaster,’ Nobel-winning economist says

Alexis Tsipras – Brexit damage will be huge for everyone — especially strong EU…

Bloomberg.com – Interviews

Valerio De Molli – Ambrosetti CEO De Molli on Italy, Brexit, European Politics

Nouriel Roubini – Roubini Says Markets Too Complacent, Chance of Recession Over 25%

Mario Monti – Monti: Italy’s Conte ‘Has Matured. He Has Shown More Leadership’

Davide Serra – Europe Needs Fiscal Spending to Remain Competitive: Algebris CEO Serra

Mohamed El-Erianù – El-Erian: Europe Has Huge Influence on U.S. Yield Curve

Fuat Oktay – Turkey’s Oktay on Syria Migration, NATO Commitment

Jacob Frenkel – JPMorgan’s Frenkel Says Monetary Policy Has Been Overburdened

Christopher Pissarides – LSE’s Pissarides on Brexit, European Economy

Vitor Constancio – Ex-ECB’s Constancio Says Negative Rates Shouldn’t Be Overused

Fabrizio Pagani – Italian Government Shouldn’t Be Shy on a Fiscal Package, Pagani Says

Financial Post
The Guardian

National Press Review

Class CNBC – Interviews

Valerio De Molli – Ambrosetti ’19: De Molli; la svolta italiana in un mondo che frena

Pier Carlo Padoan – Ambrosetti ’19: Padoan: Quota 100 pericolo per conti pubblici

Flavio Valeri – Ambrosetti ’19: intervista a Flavio Valeri (Deutsche Bank Italia)

Christian Odendahl – Ambrosetti ’19: l’inchiodata di Berlino

Davide Serra – Ambrosetti ’19, Serra (Algebris): il mercato è la svolta italiana

Giampiero Massolo – Ambrosetti ’19, Massolo (Fincantieri): rispettiamo target

Niall Ferguson – Ambrosetti ’19: intervista a Niall Ferguson (Stanford University)

Alexis Tsipras – Brexit damage will be huge for everyone — especially strong EU…

Ambrosetti ’19 – Global Attractivenes index 

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Corriere della sera
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La Repubblica
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La Stampa
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Il Giornale
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Business Insider Italia
Reuters Italia
Milano Finanza
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