Orienting companies to service is no longer an option, it's a necessity

Services aren’t the end of the product but the start of the process of developing customer relations.
Orienting companies to service is no longer an option, it’s a necessity

Quota 8000, Achieving Challenging Results in After-Sales

By Antonella Civardi, Senior Consultant of the Customer: Sales, Service, Marketing Area

Orienting companies to service isn’t a whim of the latest management guru but the response the industrialized West is seeking to defend itself against the imitation and price aggression that is arriving from the East and help to write a solid, robust pact with its own customer base.

Organizing a company for producing services, i.e., undertaking a path of servitization, means being aware that demand (that is, customer behaviour) has changed and has evolved so rapidly and irreversibly that change is now not only necessary but urgent.

Quota 8000 is the first Italian community dedicated to service. It is a laboratory for the development of after-sales for manufacturing companies, founded with the objective of experimenting with how service can lead to innovation capable of helping to spur company growth in new directions.

The spirit of the Quota 8000 community is the sharing of ideas and the redesign of services starting from the assumption that services aren’t the end of the product but the start of the process of developing the relationship with the customer.

Servitization was the central theme of the first meeting (3 December 2014).

The subsequent meetings of the working group:

  • Service Sales (meeting of 29 January 2015): designing experiential goods that we call services
  • Service People (meeting of 26 March 2015): asking oneself if we have the right people for this challenge
  • Service Value Chain (meeting of 28 May 2015): designing the processes and metrics to orient the organization to service.

The last session, Base Camp – Quota 8000, held on 9 July 2015 and was the moment of synthesis of seven months of work, a chance to share reflections, experiences and experiments useful for service managers who see a source of business for their companies in after-sales.

A survey, Service Outlook 2015: Service in the Italian Manufacturing Market, was carried out within the project framework and was presented at the July 9th meeting.

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