For consumers, a commodity becomes a product when they know how it is made and who makes it. Towards an integrated outlook of the supply chain for the competitiveness of the Italian agrifood sector.

People and Facts behind the Sugar Supply Chain
COPROB / TEH–A Workshop

Friday, January 20, 2017
9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Starting from the experience of the sugar beet/sugar industry sector reflected in Italia Zuccheri (COPROB group), this initiative has been designed to offer a unique and wide-ranging examination of the possibility of building circular relationships among players in the agrifood supply chain to provide innovative answers for consumers who are increasingly-demanding and disillusioned (but at the same time “vulnerable” in their decision-making), to bolster the competitiveness of the entire Italian food system.

The areas discussed during the workshop include:

  • The situation in the Italian agrifood supply chain and its importance for the nation
  • The nation’s choices for the future of Italian agrifood
  • Outlook for the future of the Italian sugar beet/sugar sector supply chain.
  • Guidelines for a correct nutritional approach: the role of sugars
  • The cooperative economy, driver for local development
  • How to promote Italian sugar to benefit the industry, distribution and consumers
  • A balanced diet and the role of sugar: a decisive factor in sport success
  • Food “innovation”: is this still the right word?

In addition, at the conclusion of the workshop, young Italian talent showcased in the first Demetra Prize to be awarded to projects and/or new companies that:

  • contribute to development and improvement within the Italian agriculture supply chain (specifically the sugar beet sector) and Italian nutrition;
  • have a strong potential social and economic impact.

Speakers included Roger Botti (Director General, Robilant Associati), Luigino Bruni (Professor of Political Economy, LUMSA), Simona Caselli (Councilor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing, Emilia Romagna Region), Davide Cassani (Head Coach, Italy National Cycling Team), Aurelio Ceresoli (President, ASSOBIBE), Bernard Cova (Professor, Kedge Business School), Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner, The European House – Ambrosetti), Claudio Gallerani (President, COPROB), Francesco Pugliese (Managing Director, CONAD), Gabriele Riccardi (Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II). Moderator of the event: Armando Garosci (Journalist, Largo Consumo).




Learn more:

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