Pitch Competition at the StartupItalia! Open Summit

Power2Innovate, the project dedicated
to young entrepreneurs in Southern Italy
The European House – Ambrosetti announced the three Power2Innovate winners, in a competition followed by a select group of investors and corporate managers.

Pitch Competition at the StartupItalia! Open Summit

Proximity marketing, smart drugs, extra-virgin olive oil, wearable technology, air quality, agro-informatics and energy-efficient masonry

These are just some examples of the innovation projects that took part in the Power2Innovate Pitch Competition, held Monday, December 14 at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan as part of the first StartupItalia! Open Summit.

The European House – Ambrosetti announced the three Power2Innovate winners, in a competition followed by a select group of investors and corporate managers, with opening remarks by Riccardo Luna, Valerio De Molli and Dan Wagner, founder of the new-generation e-commerce platform, Venda.com and today president and CEO of Powa Technologies, the one billion dollar unicorn of mobile sales founded as a start-up in 2007.

The winners:

  • Carepy, the intelligent drugs box that interfaces with the pharmacist and with the platform Carepy Pharma.
  • Botteega, which sells traditional food on line, from city markets and from local shops and producers.
  • Clean Bio Energy, which provides networks for monitoring the air quality: at low cost and in real time.
Watch the speech by Valerio De Molli
announcing the 3 winners of the first edition of Power2Innovate
Valerio De Molli_Intervento Power2Innovate

The best projects in the three sectors included in the call for ideas—ICT, Energy and Agrifood— each received a cash prize of 10,000 euros and membership in ‘Leader del Futuro’, the The European House – Ambrosetti talent development program.

Power2Innovate is the first Call for Ideas dedicated to young entrepreneurs residing in South Italy: an important opportunity for the revival of South Italy, to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to take risks.

To return to growth, to do business and to create jobs.

The Power2Innovate winning start-ups
Presentation by Valerio De Molli (It.)
Entrepreneurship in Southern Italy:
the challenge to return to growth (It.)

The nine finalists were:

  • Buukit – Web application for optimizing advertising space choice;
  • Carepy – Medicine chest of smart drugs: interfaces with the pharmacist and Carepy Pharma operational structure;
  • Touch IOT – High-tech textiles for control of devices used daily.
  • Hemp Project – High-performance masonry packages for the Mediterranean climate;
  • Zemove – Web application for smart mobility: to share position and route and optimize travel;
  • Clean Bio Energy – Low-cost, real-time air quality monitoring networks.
  • Botteega – Online shopping in city markets, shops and local producers;
  • Agribip – Agro-informatics for remote farming monitoring;
  • Olivhealth – Extra-virgin olive oil product innovation.

Although not among the finalists, three other noteworthy projects were presented: NaoHg, involving hybrid fossil fuel combustion engines; Corgum, to promote carob production in the Mediterranean; and Lumaca Sassi, an innovative method for the raising of … snails!

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