What are the repercussions of the election on relations between the United States and the major areas of the world? What are the main market and investment trends? What kind of America will we find over the next four years? Gianni Riotta spoke about these questions to members of the Ambrosetti Club during a conference call immediately after the election.

Scenarios and perspectives in the wake of the presidential elections in the Unites States

In Pew Research Center polls, 4 voters out of 10 declared they would vote for Trump because he was not Clinton, and that they would vote for Clinton because she was not Trump. A climate that in the days leading up to the election Gianni Riotta had summed up in this tweet: “The US elections between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent the most dramatic choice America has had to face since Johnson-Goldwater in 1964.

It was a campaign very different from previous ones because of the personalities of the candidates, the “hotter” issues, and the economic and social context in which it took place.

The day following the results, Gianni Riotta —renowned journalist and university professor and former director of TG1 (RAI’s Channel 1 TV news), correspondent from New York for many years and who now lives in the United States for a good part of the year—in direct from the United States, provided a status report for members of Ambrosetti Club about how the world economic and political scene would be evolving.

Working Paper
Background to the analysis presented during the conference call with Gianni Riotta (It.)


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