For Supply Chain Managers, Success Means Becoming Storytellers

Storytelling the brand is crucial; but also storytelling the Supply Chain is fundamental so that customers and potential investors fully appreciate the value inside fashion products.

For Supply Chain Managers, Success Means Becoming Storytellers

What really matters in the fashion market?

Product comes first, together with designers’ genius, communication talent and omnichannel reach.

All this would not work, nor generate growth and margins, is not supported by a Supply Chain able to transform new ideas into excellent products and enable effective omnichannel distribution, adapting to an everyday changing market with evolving geographies.

The Supply Chain is the key for taking advantage of the brand heritage (as for “made in Italy”) and facing the challenges of the digital revolution without disregarding the requirements for efficiency.

In the past 10 years, the leaders of fashion-luxury market highlighted the strategic role of Supply Chains. However, a further step is necessary so that shareholders and the whole financial community acknowledge the strategic relevance of investing on the industrial side of the fashion world; as well as higher commitment is required on the top management side in order to fully legitimate the role of Supply Chain as orchestrator of the actors involved in sourcing, manufacturing and distribution processes.
We proposed to discuss these challenges to a strictly selected panel of Operations and Supply Chain executives of leading brands.

Op-Ed: For Supply Chain Managers, Success Means Becoming Storytellers

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