The future of energy: towards a sustainable development

This is the topic of the Forum that The European House – Ambrosetti will carry out in collaboration with Eni next September 20 in Rome. The Forum will be an event of high-level discussion, debate and analysis, addressed to key stakeholders.

The future of energy: towards a sustainable development


The world of energy is living a time of high uncertainty, due to the collapse of oil prices and to rising economic and geopolitical tensions. At the same time, access to energy will play a critical role in the sustainable development of most countries, while climate negotiations are ongoing at global level.

What does this mean for the future of energy?

The Forum aims at ensuring the best possible comprehension and interpretation of the most crucial topics concerning energy and at providing a valuable contribution to the debate on the challenges and opportunities of a fast changing energy world.


What will be the implications of the shifting energy landscape for economic and environmental goals and for energy security? How the complex geopolitics of oil may change any scenario? What will be the major challenges for the energy industry? How to turn 2015 Paris Agreement and the outcomes of the UN climate conference (COP21) into an engine of safe growth?


The recent discoveries in the Mediterranean Sea are opening great opportunities for both North African countries and Europe. What will be the future of gas supply in Europe, taking advantage of a South-North Corridor? Which investment strategies, infrastructures and regulations will be required? What geopolitical implications for Mediterranean countries?


Across the world, legislation concerning carbon emissions and energy efficiency is spreading, putting a potential cap to oil and gas demand. How the transition towards a law carbon economy could meet the growing energy demand from Counties (in particular Africa continent) where a wide access to energy is crucial to human well-being and to a country’s economic development? The rapid evolution of renewable energy technology is making solar and wind energy cheaper and cheaper. How changing habits by young adults – the so called Y Generation – will impact the future of energy?

The event will be addressed to leading members of the business community, opinion leaders, national and international policy makers, academics, experts, and other influential personalities.

Participation is by invitation.

mailFor further information, please contact Alice Vertemati
(tel. +39 02 46753.638, e-mail: alice.vertemati@ambrosetti.eu).

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