The future of Italian oil: modern and sustainable

The first transversal study of the Italian olive-oil supply chain and produced by the Sustainability team of The European House – Ambrosetti in partnership with Monini S.p.A.

The future of Italian oil: modern and sustainable

There are a number of indications that the olive-oil supply chain should be seen as a strategic sector for sustainable transition which, over the next few years, will directly involve the agrifood sector thanks to the action taken by the European Commission with the “Green Deal” and “From Farm to Fork” strategy.

Within this context, the study, “The future of Italian oil: modern and sustainable” offers a transversal analysis of the supply chain and its environmental, economic and social aspects in order to formulate a series of proposals for its sustainable development.

The analysis is based on three cornerstones—nutrition and health, the economy and value, and the environment and local area—for each of which, in addition to the strong points, the main global challenges the supply chain will have to face are described, including in relation to the Xylella epidemic which, since 2013, has impacted southern Italy.

The study is intended as a basis for discussion available to all its players and government and institutions for the future development of the sector. The goal—vigorously championed by Monini which, in its centennial year, is acting as a spokesman for the needs of this sector—is to create a new, shared approach based on dialog and the sustainable growth of the agrifood supply chain, of which olive oil is one of the primary ambassadors in the world.


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