The new future of Asia: towards a community with a common destiny

The maritime and logistics silk route was at the center of discussion at the Boao Forum: trade between the countries involved could total 2,500 billion dollars.

The new future of Asia: towards a community with a common destiny

Boao Forum For Asia 2015

“The New Future of Asia: Towards a Community with a Common Destiny”: this was the title of this year’s Boao Forum. The event, held every spring, is strongly supported and promoted by China’s leaders with the purpose of discussing—at a high level—what is considered strategic for Asia in terms of the economy, science and politics. As in past years, keynote speaker at the Forum was Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Massive attendance from China and Asia, with an extremely generous roster of speakers—often CEOs from the largest Chinese, Asian, Australian and US companies. A few Japanese. Very few Europeans.

President Xi Jinping spoke about regional stability and the economy, but also the importance of maintaining peace and stability in Asia with the goal of increasing development on the continent.

Alongside the creation of a domestic fund for the development of its internal infrastructure, China is promoting the creation of an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) whose purpose is to promote regional connectivity. It has been estimated that trade between the countries involved, the result of the creation of the maritime and logistics silk route, could reach 2,500 billion dollars.

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