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The right steps to find, manage and retain talents

During one of the latest Ambrosetti Live webinar, Prof. Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology  at University College London, spoke about how can the qualities of talented people be trained.

The right steps to find, manage and retain talents

We only have 3 types of jobs: technical jobs, supervisory jobs, strategic jobs

How can we overcome the great paradox where if we are good at the job, they promote us into not doing that job any longer?

Is the Nine Grid Box a good answer to such a dilemma?

Prof. Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, University College London, provides his own solution: a new model, much more accurate in measurement of data and “agile” strategies.

In his book “High Potential”, he identifies 6 very specific characteristics of talented people.

How can these qualities be trained? 

Increasing Self-Awareness and helping talents in finding their strengths and working on mindset: real talent doesn’t have a fixed mindset “what you see is what you get” but the opposite one, where knowledge and hard work make skills grow and improve.

Last but not least: being aware of the Dark Side of talent will help avoid derailment throughout the whole path to success. A recruiter must select one, not only select in: some features may be appealing but there’s always the “too much of a good thing” and the dark side to consider.

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