To segment the Chinese Market, we need to think from a chinese standpoint

The diversity of China requires a marketing approach profoundly different from that in the West. The European House – Ambrosetti proposes solutions to profile consumers on the basis of purchasing behavior.

To segment the Chinese Market, we need to think from a chinese standpoint

China will be the market-of-reference in the coming decades

It is a country to which we should aspire not only as a potential reservoir for our products and services, but also as a conceptual model.

And yet, China has remained a sort of distant nebula to be approached with extreme caution and, above all, with a knowledge base that has yet to be constructed.

The European House – Ambrosetti and Episteme intend making their contribution to fill this gap by proposing a meeting to reflect on this question, aimed at:

  • outlining an itinerary for studying Chinese society in depth
  • focusing attention on consumption styles
  • proposing innovative market segmentation instruments
  • providing support to companies in identifying trends, needs and opportunities.

Lack of knowledge is the main obstacle to action. Simplifying complexities and intuiting entry channels can help us to take on with serenity a journey aimed at changing our lives and the trend of our economy.

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