Today's companies require a new type of leadership

Developing the skills system for a new type of leadership means changing companies inside and out.

Today’s companies require a new type of leadership

Spotlight on Leadership Training

By Cristina Cremonesi, Senior Consultant The European House – Ambrosetti

In recent years we have seen a profound transformation in the business world, the establishment of new and increasingly flat and horizontal structures, and the emergence of new organizational forms: hybrid, matrix and network. The increasingly rapid rate of change and organizational phenomenon that are not only present contemporaneously but also often in conflict with each other, lead companies to engage in significant rethinking and modification in terms of flexibility, involvement and relations involving power, influence and empowerment.

The limits of the traditional models used to interpret and manage phenomena and their evolution are all too evident. New corporate organizations require the use of other approaches, other maps and other forms of expressing leadership that are oriented towards a greater capacity to influence and mutually reciprocal contamination/contagion.

As a result, developing a system of leadership skills means promoting the practice of exerting influence both inside and outside the company.

This is the basis on which The European House – Ambrosetti has developed “Beyond Leadership”, an experimental workshop through which people learn to express leadership marked by a social dimension, rather than a personal one. The social desirability we produce as a result of our actions becomes a fundamental impulse for the acquisition of new leadership behaviors which not only facilitate our relations with others, but also generate new leadership by adding value to individuals and the organization.

Thanks to a range of different, integrated spaces and through actual practice, people are able to progress from acquired behaviors that tend to be emulative in nature, to behaviors that are more conscious and intentional, and coherent with today’s organizational scenarios.

The workshop constitutes a social system in miniature in which interaction is developed that allows those participating to experiment with and explore their authority- and leadership-related skills, and to constructively re-orient their ability to exert influence in relationships by using the “other person” as a learning tool.

To be an effective leader and catalyst for change in the current business scene—so uncertain and complex—all “levels of intelligence” (rational, emotive, intuitive) must be activated and the “Beyond Leadership” workshop experience promotes exploration of the laws of complex systems that characterize those in corporate organizations: the law of receptivity, re-orientation and dynamic equilibrium between continuity and discontinuity.

All this acts to promote a level of leadership sustained by a proactive approach that anticipates change rather than reacts to it, and whose focus is to let things happen, out of which strategic and organizational conditions are created.

A challenging experience that is both hard and soft, open and flexible, and which asks us to take on scenarios that continuously demand new answers, learning agility, courage and proactiveness.

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