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Vaccination and Preventive Healthcare The view of the Lombardy Region

Friday, July 21, 2017, from 10:30 am to 1.00 pm
Lombardy Region, Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1
Sala Opportunità, Entrance N1, 13th floor.

Vaccination and Preventive Healthcare The view of the Lombardy Region

Vaccines are among the most efficient, cost-effective and safe measures available to the public health system to safeguard the health of individuals and society.

Italy continues to show a drop in vaccination levels in both children and adults, with significant consequences from the standpoint of the health of individuals and society as a whole, and with major spin-offs on a social and economic level.

The new National Vaccination Prevention Plan and the signing of the new Essential Assistance Levels (LEA) this past January 12th , represent two important initiatives for the Italian system.

The end-goal is to attempt to bring coverage levels back up over the minimum safety level for the society. The objective of this meeting was to provide an overview of the situation in the Lombardy Region and discuss the initiatives currently underway and those for the future.

Key issues of the meeting included:

  • Current status of preventive vaccination in Lombardy
  • The Lombardy Region’s guidelines for actions to implement the new National Vaccination Prevention Plan
  • The role of the decree in rendering vaccination mandatory to reach target coverage levels
  • The strategies for improving collaboration between healthcare centers, healthcare providers, primary healthcare and the public to increase the levels of vaccination coverage.

Presentation by Daniela Bianco
Press Release

The Round Table was organized with the fully support of  MSD Italia.

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