The holiday season, the right time to take stock of the projects supported by DOT – Do One Thing, the non-profit association of The European House – Ambrosetti. Here are some of the initiatives of the new Committee which will remain in office for the next three years.

We’re committed to solving the world’s great paradoxes … are you?

Telethon vendita beneficaFor the second consecutive year, through our non-profit association DOT – Do One Thing, we supported the Telethon Foundation for research into genetic disease. On December 4th funds were raised at our Milan offices (Via F. Albani 21) and thanks to the participation of many people, this year 1,650 euros were raised. Anyone interested in purchasing the chocolate hearts, should write to ambrosetti@ambrosetti.eu.

But this is only the most recent—in chronological order—of the association’s 2015 initiatives.

Here are some of the others (for a complete list of activities, see the DOT – Do One Thing):

  • In 2015, The European House – Ambrosetti celebrated its first 50 years of activity. For the occasion, we created the paper “Growing through business” and a series of other related initiatives on the issue of entrepreneurship. Our company is actively promoting the relaunching of the desire to “do business” with the goal of stimulating the younger generation to assume a more proactive approach and convince them not to be afraid of translating their ideas into new business activity. Through the DOT association, we are proud and pleased to be working with the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) so that this message for the future is launched to young graduates of all Italian secondary schools. During the 2015-2016 school year, DOT and MIUR will be promoting a project aimed at stimulating and supporting collaboration between schools, universities, research bodies and Italian businesses. We strongly believe that it is only through synergic initiatives that a series of effective actions can be implemented to unlock Italy’s entrepreneurial and innovative capacity.
  • Within the context of the second South Africa-Italy Summit which took place October 1-2, 2015 a social initiative to support young entrepreneurs was presented. The initiative is supported by partners and participants in the South Africa-Italy Summit through mentoring activities aimed at young businessmen in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a common platform between Italy and South Africa to launch and include the work of young African entrepreneurs in both markets. The proposal is the result of the collaboration between the Mara Foundation and the National Youth Development Agency.
  • On June 19, 2015, to coincide with EXPO Milano 2015, the Fondazione Sodalitas organized an international conference to provide a status report on the reaching of the New goals for sustainable growth as defined by the EU, goals which will impact on the quality of life and employment opportunities for millions of young Italians and Europeans from now to the year 2020. Taking part in the event, one of the most successful during EXPO 2015, were more than 700 people from around the world. Through the direct involvement, on a voluntary basis, of The European House – Ambrosetti employees, the DOT Association provided support to Sodalitas in the organization and strategic coordination of the conference, with the goal of fostering debate on corporate social responsibility and commitment. Thanks to our contribution, the event featured the presence of leading international experts and CEOs who took part in a debate that was also based on information we have developed.
  • Thanks to the contribution of a number of consultants from The European House – Ambrosetti, the DOT association created a long-term business plan for the Raoul Follereau Hospital in Bissau to facilitate fund-raising initiatives with major international institutions. The hospital is a point-of-excellence and -reference, including from a managerial standpoint, for Western Africa in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and is a replicable model to be expanded to other contexts.
    Financing was also provided for the “Pediatric ward project at the Raoul Follerau Hospital in Bissau”. Its goal is to improve care standards for pediatric patients and provide health care instruction for the mothers of the young patients. This project has made it possible to upgrade virtually the entire pediatric ward and the school for young patients, including equipment to teach the children computer skills.
    The activities of the hospital can be supported through a contribution of any size via an IBAN bank transfer: IBAN IT 83 S 05034 03257 000 000 000 428.
  • DOT Rare PartnersIn April 2015, through the DOT association, The European House – Ambrosetti took part in the Rare Partners Charity Program, the large-scale charity project created and supported by the Milan Marathon which allowed all runners to run for a non-profit organization to allow that organization to raise funds for its projects, thus turning their love of running into concrete support for others.

Committee Elections

This year also saw the re-election of the Committee that guides the association. The committee is comprised of 9 people of all ages and who have different positions within our company. These are the members of the new committee which will remain in office for the next three years:

  • Roberta Braccio
  • Imma Campana
  • Cinzia Coradini
  • Daniele Leoni
  • Pietro Mininni
  • Marina Mira
  • Chiara Piloni
  • Milena Schiavi
  • Matteo Zaupa.

How you can support our association

Membership fee
Become a member by making a minimum annual contribution of € 50
IBAN IT41-H-05034-56841-000000003436 (but there are no limits to how much you can contribute!)
You will receive a custom DOT t-shirt.

5×1000 devolution on your tax return
Support the DOT – Do One Thing association by assigning the 5×1000 devolution on your tax return. It is a simple gesture that costs you nothing, but which certainly helps in providing support to our association.
The tax code to include on your tax return or to give your tax preparer is CF 97646130159.

Volunteer work
Support the association by contributing ideas and projects
Write to ambrosetti@ambrosetti.eu.

DOT and The European House – Ambrosetti
wish one and all Happy Holidays!

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