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The European House – Ambrosetti story is one about professionals who, over the years, have succeeded in extending their competences throughout the world while becoming part of a range of cultural contexts with the perspective of those who are able to understand and interpret those contexts and discreetly and intelligently become part of them.

Area Leader World

Marco Bardelli

CEO, The European House-Ambrosetti (Singapore) Consulting Pte Ltd

Tel.  +65 90998391
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Mattia Marino

CEO, Ambrosetti (Beijing) Consulting Ltd

Tel.  +86 21 52377151; +86 21 62121837
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Francesco Di Lodovico

Head of Brussels Office

Tel.  +32 (0)2 732 76 18
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Luca Miraglia

CEO, The European House-Ambrosetti Middle East

Tel.  Mobile: (IR) +98.912.8450321
(IT) +39.340.5921349
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Marta Ortiz

Vice Presidente - The European House - Ambrosetti (Spagna)

Tel.  +34 91 5751954
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