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Mattia Marino

CEO, Ambrosetti (Beijing) Consulting Ltd
Tel.  +86 21 52377151; +86 21 62121837
Mattia Marino

Mattia Marino

Senior Professional and CEO of Ambrosetti (Beijing) Consulting Ltd, a 100%-owned subsidiary of The European House – Ambrosetti Group.

He is involved primarily with assisting European clients of the Group’s firms in their projects for entering, expanding, re-positioning and re-defining their country strategy in and for China.

He is also involved in developing the local market of Chinese companies in planning their entry into the European and Italian market, in particular, as well as promoting the creation of high-level events and forums around economic and financial themes, and communication-based lobbying with Chinese institutions and public entities.

With a degree in international business economics, he began his career at The European House-Ambrosetti office in Milan where he was involved in assisting the Swedish government in attracting foreign direct investments into Sweden.

He worked alongside the firm’s founder in building the initial nucleus of European consulting firms to launch “The European House” brand and was the China desk in Milan until he transferred to Shanghai in China 2005 where he opened the Group’s second office in the People’s Republic of China.