The European House - Ambrosetti

Our Mission, Values
and Guiding Principles

It is impossible to remain competitive for over half a century without your day-to-day activity being guided by very precise ethical and moral goals. Independence, integrity, professional dignity … these are the only constraints to the flexibility our work requires.

Our Mission and Values

The European House – Ambrosetti is a professional Group, operating since 1965, which has grown significantly over the years, thanks also to the contributions of many of its Partners, developing numerous activities in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

Today the Group has five offices in Italy and many  abroad, in addition to other partnerships around the world. What distinguishes it is its ability to provide support to companies in the integrated and synergic management of the four critical aspects of value-creating processes: Seeing, Planning, Achieving and Optimizing.

For over 50 years we have been working alongside Italian businesses and each year we provide consulting to about 1,000 clients, including more than two hundred strategic scenarios and studies aimed at Italian and European institutions and companies, and around one hundred governance pacts for family-run businesses. In addition, each year about 3,000 Italian and international experts are involved in the 300 events we organize for over 10,000 managers whom we follow in their personal and professional paths to growth.

The Group vaunts an invaluable international network of contacts on the highest level in the sectors in which it operates, including top-level decision-makers within multinational institutions and on an individual country level.

Again in 2021, The European House – Ambrosetti was named — in the category “Best Private Think Tanks” — the no. 1 think tank in Italy, the no. 4 in the European Union and among the most respected independents in the world out of 11,175 on a global level in the latest “Global Go To Think Tanks Report” of the University of Pennsylvania, prepared from a survey addressed to 73,000 business, government and media leaders in over 100 countries around the world.

Our Mission

To create sustainable value for our clients and the Group itself, ensuring unique and effective Management Consulting, Permanent Professional Training, Research Services and Workshops and Events, drawing on European culture in this era of acceleration, global competition and discontinuity.

Our Values

The European House – Ambrosetti operates on the basis of the following values which represent the only constraints on its operational flexibility:

  • Independence
  • Continuous striving for excellence
  • Professionalism/Professional approach
  • Integrity
  • Self-respect (serving all, but the servants of none).

Guiding Principles

In addition, all professional activity of The European House – Ambrosetti draws inspiration from and follows two guiding principles:

  • Every organization (whether public or private) is a specific entity with its own culture and individuals;
  • Consulting is knowledge, experience, expertise, innovation and commitment.




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