May 23, 2022 @ Milan / Digital / Metaverse (phygital event)

Metaverse: how it affects technology, business and the social sphere in the new digital worlds (Il Metaverso: implicazioni tecnologiche, di business e sociali dei nuovi mondi digitali). The first day of the Technology Forum Week was organised in partnership with Microsoft and was dedicated to exploring the Metaverse as an alternative reality, and assessing its impacts on the martket and the society, also through the presentation of some case studies.

Some of the speakers: Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner & CEO, The European House - Ambrosetti), Annamaria Bottero (Board Member and Costumer Success Director, Microsoft Italia), Adriano Fabris (Moral Philosophy lecturer, University of Pisa), Suresh Balaji (Chief Marketing Officer, HSBC Asia Pacific), and other clients of Microsoft Italia.

May 24, 2022 @ Rome

The Public Administration Technology Forum was focused on showcasing the relevance of public bodies for Italy's development, the role of Digital tools as a driver of change, and the importance of nurturing "digital talents" within these departments.

Some of the speakers: Renato Brunetta (Minister of Public Administration), Antonio Amati (Almaviva), Diego Antonini (Assinter), Claudio Bassoli (HPE Italia), Giuseppe Conte (INPS), Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella (Research Centre on Public Administration), Patrizia Ravaioli (Formez PA).

The event was moderated by Eva Giovannini (journalist, Rai Tv).


May 26, 2022 @ Milan

The 11th Technology Forum of The European House - Ambrosetti was hosted at MIND (former Expo location) and will address relevant topics such as: Super Smart Society, resilient, sustainable, human-centered; 5.0 Industry: the future of smart manufacturing; Circular Bioeconomy: a new social and economic development model; innovation ecosystems for the Future of Energy.

Some of the speakers: Maria Chiara Carrozza (CNR), Roberta Cocco (Digital PA Committee, MITD), Shu-Chen Li (CeTI, TU Dresden), Gianaurelio Cuniberti (University of Dresden, Germany), Arash Ajoudani (IIT), Andrea Cassoni (ABB), Alexander Sauer (EEP; Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation - IPA), Sorin Cheran (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Fabio Fava (CNBBSV; Italian Council of Ministers), Stefano Minini (Lendlease), Onno van den Heuvel (UNDP), Carlo Carraro (Ca' Foscari University,  Venice; International Panel on Climate Change, ONU), Phoebe Koundouri (European Association Environmental and Resource Economists), Giorgio Graditi (ENEA), Simon Bennett (IEA), Amory Lovins (Rocky Mountain Institute).

The event was moderated by Nicoletta Boldrini (journalist and founder, Tech4Future)

The message of Kadri Simson, EU COmmissioner for Energy, for the audience of the 2022 Technology Forum


May 27, 2022 @ Naples

Campania Region at the test of the drone economy (La Regione Campania alla sfida della drone economy) is the topic of the final day of the 11th Technology Forum Week.

Thanks to the increasing use of drones in sectors ranging from military to risk prevention, to urban transport, the drone economy is a key topic for the Italian innovation ecosystem. This phenomenon is in fact colliding with an Italian supply chain that is still struggling to recover from the hard blow inflicted by the recent pandemic crisis. The Campania Region stands out as the most advanced Italian Region in this matter, since it has adopted an innovative approach in the use of drones to monitor environmental security and fight crime.

Some of the speakers: Valeria Fascione (Councillor for Research, Innovation, and Startup, Campania Region), Alessio Quaranta (Director, ENAC; Board Member, EASA).

The event was moderated by Corrado Panzeri (Partner and Manager of the InnoTech Hub Practice, The European House - Ambrosetti)

Organizer and Partners

The event was offered by the InnoTech Community, which was launched by The European House - Ambrosetti's InnoTech Hub, our Practice focused on creating knowledge and food for thought on innovation and technology for companies and institutions.

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