Digital Strategy


  • Enabling corporate and business unit strategies through digital, via: scouting of digital enablers, identification of innovation levers, digital safari
  • New technology adoption strategy
  • New digital business model ideation and test
  • Digital transformation & transition leadership strategy
  • Digital decision support system


  • Creation of an open innovation ecosystem
  • Digital competence and service center set up
  • Digital talent fulfillment and on-boarding
  • Info-driven organization and analytics strategy
  • Set-up of a zero-based digital organization
  • Digitalization and automation of workforce
  • Digital fulfillment ecosystem and supply chain set-up
  • Digital finance process and tools
  • Protection, trust and security


  • New value propositions design
  • Most value added product development
  • Superior customer journey and experience
  • Advanced marketing and analytics strategy
  • New connected and shared products and services


  • Industry 4.0 and smart operations
  • Back-office digitalization and automation
  • IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Platform economy & ecosystem


  • Transformation journey design and set-up
  • Identification of key skills and capabilities for the transformation
  • Definition of suitable organization and processes to management all needed changes
  • Stakeholder engagement, PMO and steering process management
  • Creation and management of innovation ecosystem
  • Partners, technologies and patents management

Digital Transformation 

Cefriel is a “Digital Innovation and Design Shop”. Cefriel’s partners are four universities (Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca and Università degli Studi dell’Insubria), the Lombardy Region and 15 major companies in a range of sectors, including Microsoft, TIM, ENI, Pirelli and, starting in March 2017, The European House - Ambrosetti. 

Cefriel has four divisions which operate from an inter-disciplinary approach:

  • Digital Enterprise. It deals with IT (eco)systems to organize and re-process complex data to make it easily-accessible and utilizable both within the company and among companies
  • Digital Platform. It primarily follows IoT (Internet of Things) projects and works to make objects and infrastructures interactive and “smart”, and it is the heart of Industry 4.0 expertise
  • Digital Interaction. It is the division that develops the design of the product, user experience and data display
  • Digital Knowledge. It is involved in defining and providing custom training programs for professionals and managers based on the concrete experience they have acquired in developing innovation projects