The European House - Ambrosetti, in collaboration with IBM Italia Foundation and Eni's Enrico Mattei Foundation, launched in 2022 a Strategic Observatory on the Digital Transformation of Italy. The working group will prepare and present an Annual Report on the scenario of digitalisation in Italy and its development perspectives, with policy recommendations for decision makers and business leaders. 

What is the Observatory on the Digital Transformation of Italy

The Observatory is a permanent Think Tank aimed at analysing the process of digitalisation in Italy, and especially those aspects of the digital transformation that are not fully represented by traditional indicators. It also frames future developments of the scenario, by designing the best nation-wide strategies for supporting and accelerating the transition on the basis of ethics, inclusion and sustainability principles.

 2023 Forum 

The results of the Observatory's 2nd edition will be presented during a final Forum, on November 30, 2023 in Rome.

On this occasion, institutional and business community representatives will gather to put together a common vision of development and actionable proposals to support and accelerate the digitalization of Public Administrations and businesses. The 2nd edition of the Observatory’s Annual Report will be presented, containing the updated Tableau de Bord on digitialisation, the results of our monitoring of the progress of the NRRP, and specific insights on Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity.

The event has an invitation-only participation. 

Key figures of digitalisation in Italy


share of households
with 5G coverage in Italy


ICT graduates (3.9% UE average)


funds of the NRRP's Mission 1
dedicated to the digitalisation of the PA

Why is it important to talk about digitalisation today?

Five reasons for creating an Obervatory on Digital Transformation in Italy

Italians are still behind in digitalisation

Italy is lagging behind equally among citizens, public administration and businesses - in particular SMEs - as also noted by international indexes: it is 18th out of 27 EU countries, according to the DESI Index, and last among Europe's major economies.

Italy's Recovery Plan allocates funds for digital transformation

Major investments towards digital transformation are expected in the coming years: Italy will allocate 40.7 billion Euro from the NRRP (National Plan of Recovery and Resilience, or PNRR), an amount equivalent to the overall resources allocated by France, Spain and Germany, and 24% of the funds will support the digitalisation of the public administration, with the intention of accelerating the growth of the whole economic system.