We live in times of great change and transformation. Stakeholders are increasingly attentive, aware and demanding towards companies, especially on issues related to sustainability, return of value, and corporate commitment in facing today's great challenges. Companies and organizations need to be able to efficiently understand, measure and communicate their contribution to the creation of value, for their territory and their internal and external stakeholders.

The European House - Ambrosetti supports Italian and international players to identify, demonstrate and position the value generated by their business and communicate its distinctive features and positive impacts on the economy, society, and the environment.


We develop measurement methods, impact simulation and estimation models, and new indicators and indexes. We identify and select topics of interest and areas of analysis with our customers, with a tailor-made and co-creation approach that varies according to their sector of activity and specific needs. The output is scientifically solid and far from being self-referential, and this allows to identify and support innovations and build effective narratives, which may:

  • strenghten the brand image and reputation
  • engage stakeholders
  • advocate for relevant topics and strategic priorities with the institutions
  • support impact policy-making 
  • generate opportunities for new relationships, business growth and development

In particular, our services concern:

  • Application of our 4 Capitals proprietary model (Economic, Social, Cognitive and Environmental), a multidimensional and multilevel analysis framework (at local, regional, national, international level) that combines quantitative methodologies and qualitative approaches. The model makes it possible to enhance the distinctiveness of the companies under study, analyzing their performance, measuring their contribution to the generation of value for stakeholders and enhancing their impact over time and in comparison with benchmarks. The contents developed with this model support the activities of positioning and communicating towards internal and external stakeholders, also through the development of tools for the presentation and display of data and results that may be adapted to all communication channels, from the press to social networks. This approach has already been successfully applied to numerous Italian and international companies and groups in various sectors (utilities, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, consumer goods, retail, telecommunications), as well as to important investment and local development projects (for example, productive investment in manufacturing, urban regeneration and real estate development initiatives).
  • Studies and impact analyses on policies, programmes and regulations at national and European level, that are carried out by monitoring, identificating and estimating policy impacts and regulatory changes at all levels, with reference to specific sectors (telco, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail) or issues. In this way, we support organizations in understanding change, managing the growing complexity, aligning their strategy and maximising value for their stakeholders (top-down). At the same time, we support our partners in communicating and advocating with policy makers and public decision-makers, and developing content and analyses that can foster and support impact-oriented regulatory evolution and achieve the set objectives, thus maximizing benefits for the system as a whole (bottom-up).
  • Innovative, communicable and comprehensible indicators and indexes for the general public (both specialists and generalists), that are designed with our partners to achieve in the most effective way the set objectives, and are based on methodologies that are recognized and validated by national and international bodies and institutions. These tools allow to detect and summarize characteristics such as: ranking, performance, impacts, strengths, needs and weaknesses, in a thematic view or with reference to specific sectors and territories. These tools may also be integrated with specific corporate strategies or public planning tools, and custom communication or positioning activities (e.g. Global Attractiveness Index).

Over the years, we have designed and developed several composite indexes, including the Global Attractiveness Index (GAI).

Built in 2016, the GAI was created with the ambition of offering to Italian and international decision-makers an innovative index that provides a comprehensive measure of the attractiveness and competitive sustainability of 148 economies in the world. The methodological structure, certified by the Independent Statistical Audit of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, is based on a multiplicity of indicators representing all the characteristics that stimulate the dynamism and growth of a country. 

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Value of Sport Observatory

A platform for high-level analysis of the sport sector in Italy, aimed at its strategic and qualified positioning with the key decision makers of the country and its supply chains.

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